Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Last night, Co went to bed a little kid and woke up this morning as a big Kindergartener while I am stuck here, as his mommy, trying to figure out where the time has gone. It feels like just yesterday that my blonde haired, blue eyed little man entered the world. Back then, it seemed like kindergarten was a lifetime away... and now, it seems like it happened in the blink of an eye. In the past 5 1/2 years I have watched this beautiful baby grow into something incredible. Co is intelligent, funny, loving, athletic... everything I could ever have wanted in a son.
I have watched his talents shine through in everything he has been involved in throughout his life: Gymnastics, baseball, soccer, MMA... and now I am SO excited to watch him excel in school. He continues to amaze me every single day and I couldn't ask for a better kid for Ethan to look up to as he grows. I love you Co-Bean.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Wild Animals.

Yesterday, to celebrate the last weekend of summer before Cohen starts Kindergarten, the boys and I went to one of their favorite places: Smallwoods Harvest. Smallwoods is a petting zoo/farmers market located near Leavenworth. We try to go to Smallwoods every couple of months to visit the petting zoo and pick up some fresh produce and of course Kettle Corn - Cohen's Favorite!
Now that Ethan's a little older than the last time he visited Smallwoods, I was excited to see what his reaction would be to the animals. I thought for sure he would love them - afterall, he has grown up around animals... but when they began to make noise and poke their heads out looking for food, it scared E. He didn't know what to make of the loud sheep... or worse... the llama that spit in our face. Cohen, on the other hand, loved it like always.

The boys had the chance to run around and play on the property which is filled with wagons, bicycles and swings.

All in all, it was the perfect way to end our summer break. We can't wait to go back again in a couple of months to pick out our pumpkins for Halloween at the huge pumpkin patch! See you in October!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Remembering Kaiden (via Wenatchee World)

Kaiden Henley was a very special friend of my son, Cohen. Kaiden has forever changed our lives and has affected many in our community. Take a minute to say a little prayer for the Henley family, count your blessings and hug your babies a little extra longer. Say I love you every chance you get to anyone who deserves to hear it in your life. "The expected is what keeps us steady, it's the unexpected that changes our lives forever"

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Sad day.

How do you tell a five-year-old that one of their closest friends had lost their life? I never in a million years thought I would be asking myself that question. I mean, five-year-olds don't die. At least not ones that you know or ones that are perfectly healthy and happy... Right?

Unfortunately, over this past weekend, the world lost one incredibly amazing little boy who gave the best hugs in the world. A freak accident at the racetrack took the life of one of Cohen's closest school friends.

So how do you tell a five-year-old about the death of their friend? Honestly and delicately. Cohen had already heard about the accident as I had been talking about it before I knew who the victim was. So, when I brought up that Kaiden was killed in an accident, he already knew what I was talking about. His response? "So... Kaiden is in heaven then?" I replied, "yes." With that, Cohen said, "I bet he was the one that made it rain today!" For a minute, I thought that maybe Cohen didn't understand, or worse, he was just too young to care... but then his humor quickly turned into "I will miss him and it makes me sad that his mommy won't get to see him anymore." Now that's the compassionate, caring son that I know and love.

I'm still not sure if he completely understands just how permanent death really is and I'm sure there will be a few questions as the days go on but I am grateful that my son had the opportunity to have been friends and to have known this sweet little angel. I truly pray that I don't have to have a talk like this again with my young son. No parent should ever have to lose a child... especially not one this young. But it does happen and it happens more often than we realize. It's so easy to look past it when it's not someone you know. It's easy to have the mentality of "It will never happen to me" but the reality is, is this accident could have happened to anyone...

So, hug your kids a little longer and harder tonight. Always say I love you. And be grateful for the time that we have.

Prayers to the Henley family during this difficult time.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Boys Night.

Cohen had his first sleep-over at our house on Friday night with his cousin Vinny. What the heck took me so long to let him have a sleepover?! These things are GREAT! All I have to do is make sure there are snacks and drinks and they take care of themselves! God forbid if mom is anywhere near them. A Friday night of not having to figure out ways to entertain Co after E goes to bed?? Yes Please!

These two boys wore each other out! They played Xbox and rode bikes and scooters. They had battles outside with Nerf guns and built forts and pigged out on juice and fruit snacks. The entire night was pretty much amazing and a huge success.

Even Baby E got to hang out outside for a little while and show the big boys his skateboarding skills (he is pretty rad if I do say so myself). The kid has no fear when it comes to standing on that thing.
I love love love my creative, imaginative, intelligent little men. While there are definitely days where they do their best to get on every last nerve they possibly can, it's nights that these that make me so thankful for them and the innocence and fun that they are able to remind me of.

Friday, August 19, 2011

5 Year Old Words of Wisdom... episode 1

I have this amazing friend, Stacy, who has been acting as my nanny this entire summer while I have gone back to work. Stacy is, by definition, a survivor. She has overcome many obstacle throughout our short lives but just recently had another one thrown in her direction.

A move from Alaska back to Washington put a lot of strain on her relationship with her fiance (as it would any relationship) and just over a week ago, they decided to go their separate ways - for now.

Today, while I was at work my amazingly thoughtful son, Co, asked Stacy if she was alright... he must have noticed that she was looking a little sad. She tried to explain to him what heartbreak was and sadness and asked if he understood. His answer? "Yeah... I had a girl break up with me once...." Stacy replied with "Oh yeah? How did you get through it?" Cohen, "I don't know... I just did. I just did." This sweet little exchange of words brought a smile back to Stacy's face... I mean, who's heart wouldn't melt with that?

In the past two years, my son has watched me go through every emotion possible - with sadness being a huge one. As much as I would try to hide it from him, I have quickly come to realize, especially after today, that my own life experiences and the experiences that Cohen has witnessed have shaped him into a wonderful, caring, emotional human being. At five years old he already understands the emotions that us adults are constantly struggling with. He is becoming a man that I will be so proud of one day.

My blog.

So I decided to give my blog a little makeover. I have realized that my page gets viewed well over 500 times a month by family, friends and strangers around the world. It's my way of keeping family and friends up to date on our latest adventures but I have been told (and realized myself) that my life can be rather entertaining with storylines that seem to be straight out of daytime soap operas. SO... I have decided to make my blog less about photos of my kids and more about our stories/adventures and the insane-ness of being a single mom to two little monkeys. Enjoy!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

One Word: VEGAS.

It is my honest opinion that single moms need to take breaks from their children. As a single mom, you are doing a two-person job alone - every single day. None of us ask to do this alone, but it is a path that we have, in the end, chosen for ourselves.

As much as I love my children and am devoted to them every single day, I took a much needed break this past weekend to remind myself that I am still young, beautiful, fun AND best of all single. And what better place to do this particular type of reminding but VEGAS!
One of my favorite people in the world, my amazing friend Rachell, was my partner in crime for this adventure. Rachell is one person that I know I can always lean on and rely on no matter what I need. She has held my hand through so much (particularly the past two years) and I couldn't think of a better person to help close such a huge chapter in my life.
Anyone who knows Vegas knows that you need a vacation from the vacation when you get home... but I believe that that is a sign of an amazing time! Rachell and I were total rock stars for 72 hours straight. Hitting up the strip, winning some Blackjack and partying at some of the hottest clubs. We even somehow managed to make it on the guestlist for The Bank Nightclub in the Bellagio; and while there, met up with a bachelor party and had our own private VIP room, bottle service and security... oh the life. I could get use to that kind of treatment.
By 3 a.m. our feet hurt, our livers hurt and we had a plane to catch in less than 4 hours. I'd say that the trip was a definite success and accomplished what we had set out to do... Remind, Recover and Reinvent. Don't ever let a single person change who you are... or moreover allow that one person's actions to bring you down so low that you forget who you are. And if there comes a time that you need a little reminder, grab your best girlfriend to remind you.
Again, we all need breaks. It doesn't mean you love your children any less or that you're a bad mom. It means that sometimes you just need a reminder of who you are as an individual... not just as a mom... and a reminder that there are a million other fishies in the sea!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Model Search!

I have entered both the boys into the PLACEkids Model Search for The Children's Place. I figured it was only appropriate that they attempt to become the next face of TCP since about 95% of the clothes in their closets are from there (and they look super cute on them too if I do say so myself). In the photos I posted for the contest, both boys are dressed head to toe in The Children's Place clothing. So, what I'm asking from all of you that take the time to read my blog, is to vote for each boy (they are listed in different age groups) and to also share these links with your friends! EVERY VOTE COUNTS!!!

VOTE FOR COHEN! Entry ID #74306

VOTE FOR ETHAN! Entry ID #74588


Monday, August 8, 2011


"Whatever we do lays a seed in our deepest consciousness, and one day that seed will grow" ~Sakyong Mipham

For every action, there is a reaction and only you are left to deal with the consequences. You can't rid yourself of one problem by immersing yourself with a distraction. Eventually the smoke will clear and you will see what you have done.

Karma always has a way of catching up.