Wednesday, February 15, 2012

16 and counting.

I have totally been slacking on my blog and posting about my Advocare 24 Day Challenge... Between my computer crashing, waiting for my new one to be delivered and just being busy with life, nearly 2 weeks have passed!!

I can honestly say that each day that goes by on the challenge, it becomes more and more routine. My body has never felt better. My energy levels are ridiculous, I feel like I am way more level headed and focused not to mention the results I'm seeing physically on my body are amazing.

My body craves workouts more than ever and I'm becoming increasingly comfortable at the gym. I have enlisted my friend Ty, a personal trainer at Golds, to train me and and kick my ass into shape-literally! And have also developed a love for hot yoga... Nothing like sweating out your toxins in a 105 degree room!

I'm even becoming a pretty legit cook... Which for me is a pretty big deal. Baked chicken breast and fresh sautéed veggies are becoming a staple meal in our home.

In all honesty, as I take a step back and look at my life, I'm excited about the direction it has taken. I'm 28 with 2 kids (which I gained nearly a combined 100lbs in my pregnancies with them)... My body has been stretched to the fullest, and even though I lost all my baby weight, I was still a little "soft" in areas as I'm sure any mother can relate to... But, at this moment, I feel as though I am in the best shape of my life.

Thank you Advocare!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Day 4. real steel.

Steel seemed to be the word of the day in my vocabulary today... Buns of steel (or that's the goal anyway!)... steel cut oats... You get the idea :) Oatmeal is part of the "good carbs" that you're allowed in the Advocare diet... but not instant. So... because I couldn't half ass it and buy the packets that you throw in the microwave, I decided to take it a step further and get all healthy and hearty with Steel Cut Oats. I first heard about these on Kourtney Kardashian's mommy blog (yes... it is totally something I follow... say what you want) and it made me curious. These oats take a while longer to prepare (25-30 minutes) but they are amazing - not to mention the fiber that is in them is great! Let these oats simmer for 25 minutes, stir in some ground cinnamon and you have a nice, healthy carb to go with your meal. I think I'm finally getting the hang of this healthy dieting thing... Not to mention it's forcing me to expand my kitchen knowledge. Before Advocare, I didn't spend much time planning meals - let alone preparing them. In fact, I even just recently found a drawer in my kitchen that I didn't know I had! Let's just say it is now the perfect place to store some of my Advocare products. Day 4. Still feeling amazing. For the first time in a long time I have the energy and attitude that I used to have. I feel like myself again. Because of my awesome rediscovered attitude I am offering a


I'm calling it my "6 More Weeks of Winter Special" (Damn groundhog). But hey, on the bright side, at least you get six extra weeks to get ready for summer! So take advantage of this awesome special!! Find me on Facebook or email me at to place your order!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 3. on the go.

Day 3 of my challenge: I got my first taste of trying to manage fitting all of my meals/snacks/supplements into a jam packed day of play dates, coaching and dancing. Today was definitely trial and error as I am not used to pre-packing snacks and meals for myself. I am, however, enjoying mixing up some different foods (although I'm definitely sending lots of texts to my amazing mentor Jennifer Blundell trying to get approval for certain foods -- man, I'm really going to miss sushi haha). Lunch today was an amazing salad of tuna, mustard, spinach, tomato and onion with a little vinegar thrown in too. After lunch, the day got pretty busy carpooling and trying to get to different activities... Thank goodness for that one meal of vanilla muscle gain along with a few sticks of celery to substitute that dinner I missed :)

I have encountered a number of people who are hesitant about starting the 24 day challenge due to the difficulty of following a plan... The only thing I can say is that if I can do it, anyone can do it. I was seriously the most undisciplined eater. There were nights that Lucky Charms became dinner, I would get a headache if I didn't have caffeine, and convenient was anything with a drive-thru window. With a little simple planning and dedication, I was able to turn all of that around in just a couple of days, and each day truly does become easier and easier. I cannot even begin to express the energy I have since beginning Advocare products. My mind is clearer, I'm refreshed and energized... Amazing, amazing stuff.