Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day 2. mmmm.... peanut butter.

So, like I mentioned yesterday, I have never been the dieter. The past two days have been super easy, it's my cravings that make it super hard ;) I mean, WHY is every other commercial on TV food-related?! One thing I can say though is after all my fruits, veggies and water yesterday for day one, that spoonful of peanut butter that I treated myself to today as my healthy fat portion was AMAZING. Peanut butter and apples... peanut butter and celery... I mean, let's just admit it: Peanut butter is incredible.

Today, being able to add some protein to my meals filled me up and gave me so much energy! I cannot get over how great I feel since starting Advocare. The difference in energy and just attitude is like night and day. It has also helped me to prepare better, balanced meals for my children and become more aware of what is going into their mouths as well.

Today I was also able to get back in the gym (day 1 of the cleanse it is recommended to not work out). To make up for slacking at the gym, I really pushed myself on legs and then headed straight to coach gymnastics afterwards. My legs feel like jello and - even though it sounds weird - I can't wait to feel the burn of working those muscles tomorrow!

Remember: Change has to start from within. Set a goal for yourself and set your mind to reach it. If you believe you can do something... you can. Sometimes it just takes a little self control -- like me and not grabbing a handful of the xtra cheddar goldfish crackers that my children have so conveniently left out ;) **If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about beginning the Advocare products or in the business opportunity Advocare has to offer please feel free to contact me or**

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